Kayak Skills

Here is a recommended list of freely available videos about kayaking skills:

Kayak Rolling Videos

The following videos by Chris Spelius are a great free resource about rolling:

Kayak Rolling Overview

Common Threads of Kayak Rolling

C to C Roll Identifier

Back Deck Sweep Roll Identifier

Back Deck Rodeo Roll Identifier

Hybrid Roll Identifier

White Water Technique

by Gene17

Fundamental WW

Progressive WW

Advanced WW

Dr Throwline  How to use a throwline. Useful safety video.

Surf Kayaking

Not many videos but a great free learning resource:

Surf Kayak Skills

Slalom Technique 

Paddlers with a Slalom background tend to have best the best paddling technique and it helps with most other types of Paddling. Good detail and each section includes short video clips.

Slalom Technique and Training

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